CESARE punti ting
In companion animals, acupuncture is most commonly used for treating:
• Musculoskeletal Problems
o Hip Dysplasia
o Intervertebral Disc Disease
o Arthritis
• Urinary Problems
o Incontinence
o F. U. S.
o Chronic Renal Failure
• Respiratory & Intestinal Problems
o Asthma
o Chronic Vomiting
o Recurrent Diarrhea
Acupuncture is performed with thin flexible needles most often made of stainless steel. There is often brief pain of a minor nature as the needle passes through the skin. As the energy changes, the animal may experience other sensations equivalent to the subjective human experiences of relaxation or local numbness, heat, dull aching, or tingling.
In veterinary acupuncture, a primary emphasis is placed on the initial and subsequent clinical evaluations. These evaluations are based upon clinical history, physical examination, and diagnostic tests of the patient. The owner is encouraged to be present during treatment. Sedation is rarely required so the treatment can be done on an outpatient basis.
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